Three Unique Ways to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance in Arizona

best homeowners insurance quotes in ArizonaYear after year, homeowners insurance premiums have been eating at a huge chunk of American households’ budgets. It is one of the unfortunate responsibilities of being a homeowner, to be forever stuck with homeowner’s insurance for as long as you shall live.

Lucky for us, Arizona already has some of the cheapest rates in the country in terms of homeowners insurance. So if you are looking for the best homeowners insurance quotes in Arizona, you are really going to find some really good deals online. However, if you’re really saving some pennies, to get something nice for the new house, no doubt. Below are three unique ways to save money on homeowners insurance here in Arizona.

Fire-proof your House

In fact, wind proof, water proof it, everything. It’s going to cost some money but making sure that your house is less likely to leak, blow up or burn down, could significantly decrease your yearly premiums. Talk to your insurance representative if you can adjust your yearly premiums for adding storm-shutters to make your home more wind-resistant. Updating your wiring, plumbing and electrical systems could make it less likely for your house to suffer from drainage or electrical short-circuiting problems so ask your insurance agent if that can make your premiums go down. Some insurance companies will decrease premiums when you add smoke detectors or new alarm systems so ask around if your company will do the same for you.

Buy All of Your Insurance Needs from the Same Company

Most homeowners insurance companies don’t only offer homeowners insurance. When asking for the best homeowners insurance quotes in Arizona from, be sure to ask about other life and non-life insurance you might need. “Bundling” your insurance or buying several policies from the same company could entitle you to at least 15% in discounts.

Before buying, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth by making sure that bundling your insurance is indeed cheaper than just buying different products from several other companies.

Ask for Discounts

Seems straightforward enough, right? You would like to think so, but very few people will actually flat-out as for a discount. This is a shame because most insurance companies would be glad to give it to you especially if it ensures they will be getting your business.

When you’re looking for the best homeowners insurance quotes in Arizona ask if discount are available for non-smoking homeowners, or if you’ve just had some new smoke alarms and sensors installed. Updating a security system could also get you a discount. All you have to do is ask!